Adaptoges are pharmacotherapy agents used in preventive medicine. These are harmless, non-toxic agents, possessing anti-stress, stimulating, tonic and anabolic properties. They stimulate the functions of interconnected systems of the body, namely: they increase mental and physical performance, exert a nonspecific regulatory influence on the course of the stress reaction of the organism, increase the overall resistance to various unfavorable factors of biological, chemical and physical nature, prevent and slow the development of aging diseases (cardiovascular and oncological diseases, metabolic diseases).

The most important result of the action of adaptogens is the enhancement of cellular and humoral immunity. They improve the indices of cellular immunity by producing both interferon and immunoglobulins.

Useful components
Natural elements


«SYMMENTRUM «TOTAL PROTECTION» is a preparation of the last generation on the basis of antihypoxants and actoprotectors, which have stress-protective activity. It compensates for the insufficient supply of oxygen to the human body, primarily at the cellular level, stabilizes the processes of cellular respiration in all vital systems and body organs. The drug increases efficiency in extreme and unfavorable conditions, the urban environment with low air quality and abnormal heat, with mental and physical overstrain, chronic fatigue and fatigability, restores the ability of concentration of attention, processing of large and complex mass data of information. It is an effective auxiliary tool in the therapy of diabetes, neurodegenerative diseases and viral infections (including all forms of hepatitis). Promotes an increase in the average and maximum life expectancy.

«SYMMENTRUM «TOTAL PROTECTION» is an excellent drug without cumulative toxic and side effects. It promotes restoration and preservation of basic vital functions in conditions of mass application of natural and synthetic toxins in food and water.

Indications for use:

  • all forms of hypoxia - hypobaric, hypercapnic, hemic;
  • increase in endurance in complicated conditions;
  • maintaining high physical performance and its rapid recovery in the subsequent period;
  • stress-protective activity;
  • decreased ability to concentrate attention in the course of work or training;
  • impaired memory and attention, anxiety and fear;
  • the need to adapt to the effects of various environmental and / or biological extremes;
  • prevention and treatment of oncological diseases; pre- and postoperative period;
  • rehabilitation of pathological conditions accompanying chronic bacterial and viral infections;
  • diabetes;
  • consequences of heart attacks, strokes;
  • vegetative neuroses, asthenic disorders, decay, neurodegenerative diseases.

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