«SYMMENTRUM «ANTICANCER» is an antitumor immunomodulating drug of a wide spectrum of action based on compounds of ionic gold with a complex of natural humic substances. The preparation was synthesized as a result of application of the bioengineering approach and the combined technique to the development of effective preventive measures and auxiliary therapy of oncological diseases, viral and bacterial infections (including HIV, hepatitis A, B, C, D, tuberculosis, syphilis, etc.).

The drug has a pronounced immunomodulatory and antitumor effect and it is effective, as an auxiliary, in the prevention and treatment of cancer, complex viral therapy. It is a complex of positively charged organometallic gold ions paired with negatively charged ions of an organic matrix of humic acids.

Useful components
Natural elements


Multi-component organic-mineral complexes of natural humic acids and gold compounds are aimed at stabilization of body systems exposed to influence of the above factors.

The novelty of using synthesised substances is based on multi-vector influence on processes accompanying damages. Microdoses of used components including gold, platinum, silver, zirconium and other compounds are used in directed reactions catalysis at neutralization of a charge on cell membranes surface under conditions of active oxygen forms generation in affected area. Stasis, destruction or transformation of affected tissues is carried out in parallel with growth inhibition, sorption and destruction of associated viral, mycotic, bacterial and other pathogenic flora, including protozoa microorganisms and algae like structures, as well as their by-products. High efficiency is provided through bioavailability and permeability of the complex and micro doses of introduced metal-organic structural compounds which are able to block the anti-oxidant protection of pathogenic flora.

One of the factors in favor of the offered complexes is the ability to control mechanisms of electron-nuclear interactions as well as a value and given direction of nuclear polarization through mediate formation of oriented molecular gyro tactical complexes in the medium. Their influence results in stabilization of structural and functional integrity of cell membranes, auto regulation of water and salt metabolism, increase of overall resistibility, normalizes oxidation-reduction potential of intracellular medium, restoration of intercellular water clathrates.

The use of metals, primarily gold, responds to the presence in the oncogenesis of increased intracellular metabolism of the electrochemical nature. The effect of ionic forms of gold on the cell affected by oncology, responds to the influence on the processes of thermionic emission and the condition of the chain reactions of fission of super-radicals. Within the limits of a low-grade cancer cell, the conditions for maintaining chain reactions of radical fragmentation are violated and the cellular molecular structures are corrected. The reactions decay or cease. In a highly differentiated cancer cell, under conditions of a significant excess of free radicals, a sharp increase in the activity of enzymes contained in the cytoplasm of the affected cell and its destruction is observed.

Indications for use:

  • the need to adapt to the effects of various environmental and / or biological extreme factors;
  • prevention and treatment of oncological diseases; pre- and postoperative period;
  • somatic diseases, infections and intoxications, rehabilitation of pathological conditions accompanying acute and chronic bacterial and viral infections;
  • diabetes;
  • consequences of heart attacks, strokes;
  • neurodegenerative diseases.

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