“SYMMENTRUM ETERNUM” is our response to pathological changes in the cerebral cortex is the preparation. It performs a functional impact on the higher nervous system of a person, contributing to the natural processes of the vital corrective actions of the organism itself.

Thanks to the preparation “SYMMENTRUM ETERNUM” the following series of actions are carried out:

-struggle against pathological old age;

-protection from the negative impact on the body of infectious, toxic, social-domestic, professional and other factors;

-restoration of the weakened nervous system;

-maintenance of the work of the cerebral cortex;

-blocking of phenomena connected with drawing to an organism of mental traumas, which, in many cases, along with the toxic effects of numerous synthetic carcinogens and unnatural effects of a different wave nature, are the primary cause of a decrease in the tone of the whole organism, which apparently has the most significant meaning for the predisposition of the organism to all kinds of diseases, up to cancer and premature aging of the organism. 

Useful components
Natural elements


Modern gerontology provides definitions for two types of old age: healthy natural - physiological and abnormal - pathological.

Pathological old age occurs when various factors influence the body: infectious, toxic, social, professional, etc. And the longevity of normal physiological old age is mainly determined by the physiological condition of the vessels of connective tissue.

Weakened by constant stress, the exhausted brain plays a huge role in the process of premature aging of the body. And strictly on the contrary, the organism, not subject to nervous injuries, to old age retains invulnerability to any of the pathological effects.

During the aging process, the central nervous system plays a central role, and mainly the cerebral cortex. Moreover, premature aging is expressed, first of all, not by anatomical changes, accessible to visual detection, but by purely functional, structural and dynamic disturbances.

Closely linked in their activity with the cerebral cortex are the vegetative and endocrine systems. Taking into account the important role played by connective tissue in the body, weakening the activity of the cerebral cortex leads to the defeat of the physiological system of connective tissue and serves as a direct cause both in the development of cancer and other malignant neoplasms and premature aging, being the most important intermediate link in this a chain of causes and effects.

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